Payment Terms

Non L/C with e-Payment Transfer ATM dan Paypal with Cooperate Bank

  • CBD or Cash Before Delivery

  • Cash in Advance

Letter of Credit (L/C) with Irrevocable & Confirmed L/C :

Guarantee issued by the issuing Bank on the order of the applicant (Buyer) to the exporter so that the importer makes a payment of a certain amount

using L/C:

  1. The importer must fill out the L/C form at the bank that will be used in his country. It contains an explanation of the details of the product to be purchased such as the type, price, quantity, specifications, delivery time, sender's destination address, as well as export documents requested by the importer.

  2. The importer entrusts 100% of the money with the total invoice of the product to be purchased to the bank where the importer is located.

  3. The importing bank will send the L/C to the bank used by the exporter.

  4. The exporter's bank will send a notification to the exporter that the bank has received the L/C from the importing bank.

  5. After the exporter gets the L/C, the exporter will prepare the export goods. Then the exporter will determine the delivery schedule of the goods.

  6. The exporter will take care of the PEB (Export Goods Notification) and all export documents requested by the importer.

  7. The exporter will send the goods using a forwarder service.

  8. If the L/C requires inspection of goods by a surveyor (Pre-Shimpment Inspection), the inspection is carried out simultaneously with loading of goods.

  9. After the goods are delivered, the service will issue a Bill of Lading (B/L).

  10. Documents will be checked by the exporter's bank. If the document has been declared complete and appropriate, the document will be sent from the exporter's bank to the importer's bank.

  11. After the documents are received by the importing bank, the money will be received by the exporter's bank without waiting for the goods to arrive at the importer's hands.

  12. The importer's bank submits all export documents to the importer.

  13. With the importer holding the export document submitted by the bank, the importer can take the goods by meeting the representative of the delivery service.

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